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Be of those who lend a hand where they can
So many people are struggling with drug misuse and addiction issues this time of year. It seems we are all impacted in some way, e.g. a coworker, family member, friend etc. The following are some signs that someone may benefit from an assessment or substance use disorder treatment “Rehab.”
  1. Their alcohol or substance use causes them to withdraw from those closest to them
  2. They no longer find pleasure in activities which they previously enjoyed
  3. When without drugs or alcohol their sleep patterns are disrupted, appetite changes or they are more irritable
  4. They are unable to manage finances, have an increased need for money and possessions disappear.

It is important to know there are many methods to provide intervention and professionals to help. Left unaddressed, the situation will likely worsen. There is no shame in getting help for substance abuse issues and supporting individuals getting the care they need.