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How do I pay for treatment if I have no income? Utah and Medicaid Expansion.

Obtaining substance use disorder treatment for individuals who are unemployed, underemployed or without commercial health insurance is difficult. As a result, their suffering continues. When individuals suffer from addiction, our communities suffer.

During the 2019 Utah legislative session a Medicaid Expansion bill was passed which went in to affect April 2019. Individuals with income up to 100% of the federal poverty level are eligible for Medicaid Expansion through Utah Department of Health.  This plan comes with a behavioral health benefit which will allow individuals to access substance use disorder treatment.

Medicaid Expansion is estimated to provide access to medical and behavioral health care to an additional 70,000 people statewide.These efforts demonstrate a community, organizational and policy level effort to improve our communities in Utah.

For more information visit the Utah Department of Health Website

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